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Membership of the Residents Association is open to all Suburb residents. The membership fee from each household is £15. This is a suggested payment. If you feel it is too much, you can still be a member for less. Of course, if you would like to pay more we can certainly use it as expenditure usually exceeds income. We also collect for the Suburb charity, Fellowship, and you can make a donation at the same time.

If you live outside the Suburb you can join as an associate member.

You can join or renew your membership now using almost any credit or debit card with payment collected securely by PayPal, just complete and submit the form below. Alternatively you can pay by bank standing order or cheque by completing and posting a membership form available here.

First line of address:
Subscription amount:£ For Residents: Suggested payment £15, or what you can afford
For Non-Residents: £15 minumum to cover postage etc.
Fellowship donation:£ To support Fellowship, a Suburb charity, in its work for Suburb senior citizens

Some of the many activities we are involved with include:

  • Helping keep the Suburb clean - our team of volunteers remove litter and graffiti
  • Planting new trees in the Suburb - over 600 planted
  • Supporting Suburb projects such as 20,000 towards the new playground in Northway Gardens and sponsoring the free lunch time concerts at the Proms at St Judes.
  • Organising the new year fireworks - over 500 residents attended this year
  • Producing and distributing the Newspaper - Suburb News
  • And, of course, championing residents' concerns with Barnet, the Trust and others. This has included opposing mobile phone masts that are unsightly or pose a health risk, action to remove unsightly road signs, successfully lobbying for the reinstatement of the Falloden Way bus stops and many other issues.