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Membership of the Residents Association is open to all Suburb residents. The recommended minimum membership fee from each household is 15. Of course, if you would like to pay more we can certainly use it as expenditure usually exceeds income.

We also collect for the Suburb charity, Fellowship House, and you can make a donation at the same time. Fellowship House is a registered charity ref. 207948 and can claim an additional 25p for every 1 that you donate, via Gift Aid. If you wish to Gift Aid your donation please use the form here

If you live outside the Suburb you can join as an associate member.

You can join or renew your membership now using almost any credit or debit card with payment collected securely by PayPal, just complete and submit the form below. Alternatively you can pay by bank standing order or cheque by completing and posting a membership form available here.

It can take up to 3 weeks to process your membership and give you access to the Master Trader List and HGS Email group. If you need urgent assistance, please email Michele Roiter, membership secretary, on ramembership@hgs.org.uk.

First line of address:
Subscription amount:£ Recommended minimum £15.
Fellowship donation:£ To support Fellowship, a Suburb charity, in its work for Suburb senior citizens